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Single/ Multiple Teeth Replacement

Single/ Multiple Teeth Replacement

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Why replace missing tooth / teeth?

Top Implantologist in BangalorePoor aesthetics and smile:
Tooth loss especially in the front area of your mouth compromises your smile. people often cover their mouth when talking or smiling.

Tooth Replacement in BangaloreLoss of chewing function:
Loosing teeth significantly affect your ability to chew and enjoy your favourite food. Often people change to softer diet or avoid chewing on one or the other side to compensate for this

implant dentistryDamage to adjacent teeth:
Following teeth loss the remaining teeth have to 'load' during your chewing. The excessive forces can result in chipping, fractures, bone loss , often adjacent teeth begin to shift

Bone loss Bone loss:
Following teeth loss the supporting jaw bone undergoes significant remodeling and shrinkage. This results in defects that are unsightly, difficult to clean and correct later

Shifting of other teethShifting of other teeth:
Tooth loss causes shifting or moving of adjacent and opposing teeth. The back teeth begin to tilt forward and the opposing teeth start shifting up or down. This result in poor bite (malocclusion). Once teeth have shifted correction is difficult and costly

Loss of facial balanceLoss of facial balance and support:
Loss of many teeth in the back region result in 'bite collapse'. The jaw then over closes putting more pressure on the front teeth causing them to flare out. Facial wrinkles develop around the mouth and the lips start to pick outward.
Some people also develop facial pain and TMJ problems

There are broadly two options of teeth replacement for patients who have lost single or multiple teeth.

Removable teeth set (denture)

Removable teeth set (denture) REMOVABLE TEETH SET is a pink or gum coloured plastic bases which contains replacement teeth.

The major disadvantages of Removable teeth set are

  • Highly uncomfortable as it is larger than the natural teeth
  • Foul smell due to food lodgement
  • Reduces your ability to chew and taste food
  • patients are more prone to fungal infections. Eg: Thrush
  • Requires frequent replacement of teeth set because the bone where the teeth are missing will continue to shrink as it is not being used thereby
  • Removable teeth set may fall and break or can be lost
  • Hassle of removing, washing and wearing everyday

Fixed teeth set

Fixed teeth set Bridge or fixed partial denture is a device used to replace missing tooth or teeth with attached artificial teeth crowns fixed onto adjacent natural teeth.

BRIDGE fabrication requires grinding of adjacent teeth enamel. This leaves behind the spongy layer of tooth structure called Dentin. Overtime the cement retaining the bridge washes out and bacteria can seep under the bridge and decay the dentin quickly. This leads to failure of the bridge and possible root canal if the decay reaches the nerve (pulp).

Most importantly once the teeth are cutdown for a bridge the tooth structure can never be replaced, the long term health of the teeth is compromised and this usually results in additional treatment over time which can be extensive and costly.