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Dental Implants

Dental Implant Surgeon

Dr. Lokesh is the top dental implant surgeon in Bangalore. Dental implant is a Titanium metal post (like tooth root ) that is placed into the jaw bone beneath the gum line onto which artificial tooth is fixed.

Major advantages of dental implant are:
dental implant surgeon in bangalore
  • Dental implant takes support of the jaw bone and not the adjacent teeth hence requirement of grinding of adjacent natural teeth do not arise unlike in bridge.
  • Dental implant (Titanium) is highly safe as it is biocompatible (easily accepted by the body without causing any side effects).

Since it is placed in the jaw bone resembles natural tooth root and the chewing forces on the implant stimulates the bone for remodeling and hence never undergoes bone resorption (destruction).

Implant tooth appears highly natural as it looks to emerge from the gum like the natural tooth (unlike in bridge tooth sits on the gums which looks artificial).

Hence dental implant is the most natural, stronger ,highly safer mode of tooth replacement.

Implant tooth looks highly natural as it appears to emerge from the gum like natural tooth (unlike in bridge, tooth suits on the gums which looks artificial)

Implants fuse to the jaw bone thereby providing stable support for artificial teeth. These teeth won't slip or shift in patients mouth more important when he is eating or speaking. So feels more natural than conventional bridges or dentures.

The colour of the implant tooth will be perfectly matched with adjacent natural teeth.

Hence dental implant is the most natural, stronger ,highly safer mode of tooth replacement and is like regaining the lost old natural tooth.


Need to grind or shave adjacent natural teeth. No need to grind adjacent natural teeth.
Takes support of adjacent teeth. Take support of implant that that is placed in the bone
Weaker than the natural tooth Much stronger than the natural tooth
Needs frequent replacement. Do not need frequent replacement.
Food lodgement happens under the bridge leading to foul smell. No food lodgement hence no foul smell.
Acceptable esthetics. Excellent esthetics
Risk of tooth decay under the bridge leads to fracture of adjacent supporting teeth. No risk of tooth decay on adjacent teeth
Dr.Lokesh designs the treatment based on the clinical situation and patient needs into two categories.

Single stage procedure(Immediate teeth fixing):

Immediate teeth fixing in Bangalore Implant is placed in the jaw bone followed by fixing the tooth onto the implant in the same appointment. This becomes more important in the front teeth region.

In case of single stage fixed teeth, patient is advised to chew on soft diet for 3-5 months allows uneventful healing of bone around the implants.

Two stage procedure (Delayed teeth fixing)

In the 1 St stage, implant is placed in the jaw bone below the gum line allowing the bone to fuse with the implant for 3 months(in the lower jaw) and 4-5 months(in the upper jaw) as healing period.

During this healing period patient is given Removable teeth set if needed till he gets fixed teeth.

In the 2 nd stage the top surface of the implant is exposed and tooth is fixed.

Implant placement is a very simple and short procedure.

Dr.Lokesh is Pioneer in the implant placement with accuracy and precision takes about 10 to 15 minutes for completing the implant procedure..

If the patient has lost multiple teeth they can be replaced with implant placement in a similar way as explained. Ideally for every tooth that is lost nerds an implant(1:1). In case of multiple teeth missing replacing every lost tooth with the equal number of implants would be quite expensive. Hence total number of implants can be reduced to give a implant supported bridge thereby reducing the cost of the treatment.

Eg:. If a patient has lost 3 teeth in continuity ,2 implants can be placed on either side of the gap and restored with 3 teeth joining together. Avoiding 3rd implant placement reduces the cost to the patient without significantly reducing the strength of the implant bridge. If patient has lost 5 teeth in continuity, then 3 teeth are placed and 5 teeth are given joining together as bridge. Etc

Assessment before implant placement:

Clinical examination:

It is important to assess the health of the gums in the area of implant placement , approximate width of the bone etc

Imaging methods:

IOPA and OPG are usually sufficient for planning an implant placement. But CBCT required for more accurate implant placement and results.